Replace hope with insights and craftmanship.

Once an idea is solid, the success of a startup is all about execution - which is nothing less than turning the idea into a sellable product, plus building a team delivering and able to grow with the business. We know how challenging it is to connect the many dots between product, technology, organization and delivery management. And that missing out on something increases risk dramatically, leaving only hope that things will eventually fall into place. 

There is a better way than hoping, if

  1. you have an unbiased view on the situation
  2. you have a tool putting issues on the table and not letting them disappear in the noise or underneath a carpet
  3. you have a "north star" concept giving you direction to define and align things, indicating what is good and what is less so. 

Our "north star" is a holistic concept using the value proposition to the client as the normative force to derive and align everything else.  The concept has a rocksolid foundation based on both methodical research as well as 20+ years practical experience delivering innovative projects. You can read more about it in our whitepaper.

We support you either with

  • a one-time assessment (e.g. for a due diligence) or
  • a continuing engagement, coaching your executive team and helping you shape your company  

1. The Dashboard - the GPS of your venture

Uncover potential, and see the issues that are threatening your venture!

The dashboard shows the qualitative performance of the entire organization, covering product, technology, organization, culture and execution. It is an unbiased view on the state of affairs, enabling a feedback loop similar to Scrum or Lean Startup.

You see overall maturity levels as well as specific risk levels in different areas. For each area there is a detailed view explaining the findings and tracking action items. 

  • The data are collected in a collaborative review with the team and executives, touching all aspects of the company
  • With one glimpse you see what is going well, and where things are at risk of turning sour. 

Are you not sure about how well things are really going in your venture?

Do you want to gain certainty and stay really on top of things?

2. Piloting Service - expert guidance for running your venture proficiently

Fix critical issues, strengthen execution, build a strong company ready for growth!


We help you create key elements for productivity and support you with 

  • Executive Advisory
  • Regular Check-ups, defining action items and updating the Dashboard
  • Active participation as a board member

bringing the team on higher levels:

  • higher performance
  • reduced risks
  • eliminating the obstacles for growth and success.

The Dashboard is updated along the way and shows the progress and success.

See the results we help you create.

Do you want to ensure solid grounds for a thriving company?

... or just leave things to chance?

Remember the cost of a startup not run well, and what you can avoid:

  • a startup is naturally busy, and issues ignored or unnoticed for too long can kill it
  • unnecessary side projects use resources, and distract the team from what really matters, endangering overall success.
  • a lack of persistence in execution leaves the outcomes unmanaged, increasing risk and endangering overall success 
  • technology enables the product, but also determines cost, risk and speed (or lack of) in development. It has great impact on the business case, and is thus too important to be left to the engineers. 
  • onboarding too many people costs money and increases entropy in the organization, impacting productivity 
  • frustrated people leave, and need to be replaced. This costs money and requires the team to re-form, impacting productivity

For the founder: Your venture has a 90% chance of  giving  in to the statistics.

For the investor: The performance of your portfolio will stay as it is (which is worse than it could be)

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