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Execution is the key challenge in innovation

We work with entrepreneurs who want to build high-performing companies.

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When we can help

You are growing from 10+ team members, and you lose energy on getting organized and staying productive. We've been there, and we know the shortcuts to scalable, effective structures and a rock-solid delivery management.
1. Review - you want to know the current state of affairs in your venture or project.
  • We show you how productive you are currently delivering, and how you can improve.
2. Interim and Firefighting - you need help, hands-on and effective
  • All problems can be solved - and if not, we will tell you right away
3. Company Development - structure, processes and habits to make your venture ready for growth
  • The unique StartupPilot framework helps you and your company to develop the skills nobody has ever taught you

Hope is not a strategy for successful execution.

Use a strategic approach, and profit from 20+ years experience in leading innovative projects, paired with a strong methodical background.

Meet Steffen Lentz

Your StartupPilot is Steffen Lentz

Steffen is a seasoned executive at home with complex endeavours. His focus is on getting the right things done. 

Steffen has a 20+ years track record of running innovative projects both in startups as well as in blue chip companies. He has repeatedly built high-performance teams and delivered challenging projects in complex environments. In his executive roles he contributed by connecting the dots between product, technology, organizational development and delivery management. Among other positions Steffen was the CTO of Flynt, the first Swiss fintech to receive a full banking licence. He knows the challenges of running a startup from being in the trenches himself.

Steffen is a published author and speaker on leadership in innovation, connecting a solid methodical expertise with his manifold practical experience.

His journey of (naturally not in all cases prosperous) ventures led to the reality-checked concepts now offered with StartupPilot.

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Innosuisse - Swiss Innovation Agency

Accredited Special Coach for Organizational Growth and Scaling


"Steffen supported us significantly with improving our products and teams and helped us reach important milestones."
Mohammed Alaoui, Co-Founder and CEO, Move Digital AG

"Steffen's pronounced views enabled fruitful discussions that led to alternative solutions."

Jürg Frei, Former CRO, Flynt Bank AG

How we help you

We have a unique understanding and experience on leading innovation and building great companies. We don't just look at people or processes - we start with the intended outcome, and think delivery.

Try to find this anywhere else - you won't. 


Building blocks to making your innovation successful:


  • The StartupPilot framework for agile engineering an effective company learn more
  • Interim-CxO / Interim-Managment learn more
  • Advisory and Board Membership learn more
  • Community Support - talks, workshops and articles to spread the word about leading innovation  get in touch



Taking a deliberate and proficient approach to build your company will reduce the risk of your venture in many ways:

  • holistic view across product, sales, technology, organization, culture and delivery management
  • reveal critical issues often overseen in daily business
  • guidance on how to build a productive company
  • clarity on priorities, guaranteed focus on what matters most
  • avoid losing money on side projects or unnecessary hires
  • proper consideration of technological cost and risk
  • build a healthy culture and a strong team with intrinsically motivated people 
  • transparency and certainty about the situation and courses of action
  • Increased productivity, significantly reduced risk

Get on solid grounds for building and running your venture!