"The best problems to work on are often the ones nobody else tries to solve."

Peter Thiel

We engineer great products.

But we lack a concept for scaling companies. Until now.

StartupPilot is a strategy to shorten the learning curve and build high-performing organizations.

The challenge

Growing a venture from early stage to a productive company requires

  • scaling the organization
  • productive processes (routine + innovation)
  • taking decisions around the product
  • managing technology in line with business
  • growing a culture
  • staying compliant
  • execution / delivering more and more stuff


The typical learning curve:


The Goal, and the Plan

A short, effective learning curve, avoiding bumps and risks


We need:

  1. a strategy
  2. the expertise
  3. a tool to measure progress

The StartupPilot concept

1. The strategy


Lean and agile do frequent feedback cycles on the product. Why not do the same for building a company?


Do monthly feedback cycles to develop and improve leadership and organization.

2. The expertise


The basis for feedback:

  1. guiding concept (read more in our whitepaper)
  2. A structured questionnaire to assess maturity and risks (linking the domains of product, technology, organization, culture and delivery management, with client value being the normative force).

Read more about the "North Star" concept in our whitepaper.

3. The tool

A dashboard visualizing the feedback:

  1. Created in a collaborative review with the startup's team
  2. Regularly shared to discuss learnings and actions

Check out an example

In a nutshell

A proven strategy

+ solid guidance

+ monthly cycles

= engineering success!

What gets measured can get managed

Taking a deliberate, qualitative approach to grow a venture

  • ensures scalability and readiness for growth
  • increases overall chances of success 
  • increases performance and thus the value of a venture
  • eliminates a major source of uncertainty and lost energy
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