"Consistency is the DNA for mastery"

Robin Sharma

Small issues cost impact. Many small issues can kill your venture.

  • We help you uncover potential that might stay unnoticed in the daily battles
  • We help you avoid expensive flaws
  • We enable you to create elements that are essential for building a great and thriving company.

Read below what you need to put your venture on solid grounds. 



  1. Positioning and Strategy - framing why are you here, who are you clients, and what is the problem you are here to solve
  2. Product Roadmap - substantiated, prioritized and waste-free, based on client value
  3. Product Development Process - solid, with elements from Lean Startup and Design Thinking, tailored to your situation, and addressing the key risks of your venture


  • Staying too vague
  • Being opportunistic rather than strategic
  • Confirmation bias when doing MVPs and prototypes

Developing ineffective things means lost time and effort you would have needed elsewhere!

Organization, People and Money


  1. Milestone Plan for Investments - unlock funding stepwise based on achievements
  2. Recruiting Plan - based on a substantiated strategy and a capacity plan
  3. Team Structure - efficient setup, based on offerings and client value streams


  • Overfunding
  • Hire too many people 
  • Functional silos with own agendas / incentives
  • Vague responsibilities

People with fuzzy roles drag on the productivity of the entire team!



  1. Value Map - values and practices that make a difference, derived from client value
  2. Responsibility Map - empowered teams for maximum performance
  3. Communication Plan - nurture intrinsic motivation by keeping people in the know


  • Inconsistencies between words and actions
  • Declaring a culture with "wishful thinking" values

Inconsistent leadership kills the motivation of your team!

Delivery Management


  1. Development Process - tailored, efficient, with effective feedback loops and checkpoints
  2. Focus Map - define what matters, put side projects on the side
  3. Governance Plan - define who, when and how to check the real state of affairs


  • Trust silos to deliver
  • Trust that things will magically fall into their place
  • Vague deliverables
  • Not following-through

Staying in the comfort zone will not get the job done!



  1. Key Requirements - identify where tech is a differentiator, and where a commodity
  2. Decision Process - pick the most productive choice
  3. Risk and Technical Debt Analysis - know what to have on the radar 


  • Expensive hobbies
  • Opinion-driven decisions

Technology is too important to be a silo for the engineers!

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