What can StartupPilot do for you?

We help you improve the performance of your portfolio. 

  • We all have experienced ventures that turn out disappointing.
  • Not all of this is fate. More often, this is the result of a combination of missteps made a lot earlier.
  • And that's where you can do something about it.

Do you really know what's going on?

Your regular monthly investor report includes

  1. Financial KPIs - they are lagging indicators.
  2. Status updates - they are subject to human biases
  3. Plus, there are topics nobody thinks about reporting (e.g. technology, or organizational issues)


  • We add qualitative, and thus leading indicators, giving you the real-time state of affairs and putting you on top of things.


Do you want to help your startups along?

You already provide your network and selective support. Now add a systematic approach to tie things together

  • We add specific guidance for company building and mastering growth (scalable organization, targeted product management, inspiring culture and effective delivery management).
  • We help avoiding or identifying mistakes that can backfire much later.


Our service offerings:

  • The StartupPilot framework for engineering a great and productive company, enhancing transparency and enabling the startup's executive team 
  • Advisory and coaching of startup executives on how to build a thriving company
  • Interim-Management / Firefighting
  • Board Membership