What can StartupPilot do for you?

We help you make the most out of the corporate and the startup world

Do you want more transparency and enhanced governance on your startups?

  • StartupPilot includes a Dashboard with qualitative metrics on maturity and risks, creating full transparency on the state of affairs.

Do you want to close the ties with expertise knowing both worlds?

  • Steffen Lentz has a track record in both the corporates and the startups, and knows the needs and preferences.

Do you want to let the startups benefit with dedicated support?

  • Dedicated leadership development shortens the learning curve, and increases productivity.


Our service offerings:

  • The StartupPilot framework for engineering a great and productive company, enhancing transparency and enabling the startup's executive team 
  • Advisory and coaching of startup executives on how to build a thriving company
  • Interim-Management / Firefighting
  • Board Membership